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Awurudu at PPIM

Education and celebration go hand in hand. That's why we take every opportunity to make our students' time with us as memorable and enjoyable as possible!


Iftar at PPIM

The Iftar at PPIM Institute is an event that celebrates the breaking of the fast during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. This event provides a great opportunity to come together, build new relationships, and have fun while breaking the fast.



Join us at the PPIM Institute for an unforgettable Christmas party filled with fun, laughter, and holiday cheer.Gather with your friends and classmates to enjoy delicious food, festive activities, and a night of good company.


Diwali at PPIM

The Diwali celebration at PPIM Institute is a joyous occasion where students, staff, and members of the community come together to mark the Hindu festival of lights. During this time, there are various cultural activities, music and dance performances, and traditional foods that are enjoyed by all.