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Premier + is the new revolution for ACCA education in Sri lanka!

Premier + offers a distinctive and customized learning experience that caters to each student's unique learning style and requirements.

At PPIM, we firmly believe that everyone has the potential to excel, and we are committed to providing students with the tools and guidance they need to accomplish their ACCA journey. Whether you are a working professional, a student seeking to enhance your skills, or someone aspiring to learn, we have the ideal ACCA tuition solution for you.

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Online Class
Course Duration per Subject 3-6 Months 3-6 Months
Opportunity to ask questions during live sessions -
Study planner and guidance   
Access to FI Learn
Attend both Physical and Online Classes -
Comprehensive pre-recorded lectures    -
Extensive question practice (including mock exams and feedback) -
Tutor support via phone or email -
Scheduled Online Live sessions -

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